The Bridal Room

€ 149,00 per night; 2 guests *
€ 183,00 per night; 4 guests *
€ 179,00 per night; extra luxurious as bridal suite for 2 guests *

included breakfast and room rate

Waking up in the Bridal Room:

The Bridal Room is the largest (8 x 4,5 mtr) of the four rooms and, because of its special appearance, often used as bridal suite.

You wake up in the antique French bed, the so called Lit Bateau. Or in the large spacious cupboardbed. Both beds are suitable for people with a body length of 190 cm and feature perfect mattresses and fine linens.

The room offers a private bathroom including luxury towels and bathrobes.

The room overlooks the entrance of Amerongen Castle and beyond that you’ll be able to see the floodplains.

A couple can also see their guests arriving from the suite.