Our Rooms

We invite you to take a look at the pictures of our rooms to give you an impression of Het Gasthuys.

Even though Het Gasthuys has 4 rooms, we have a daily maximum of 2 available rooms for guests.

All rooms have Wi-Fi.

The tourist tax of Euro 2,00 per person per night is not included in the room rate.

The Small Room (De Kleine Kamer)

€ 85,00 per night; 2 guests
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The Blue Room (De Blauwe Kamer)

€ 95,00 per night; 2 guests
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The French Room (De Franse Kamer)

€ 115,00 per night; 2 guests
€ 155,00 per night; 4 guests
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The Bridal Room (De Bruidskamer)

€ 145,00 per night; 2 guests
€ 175,00 per night; 4 guests
€ 175,00 per night; extra luxurious as bridal suite for 2 guests 

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