Amerongen Castle

Without badmouthing the other beautiful buildings in our village, the Amerongen Castle is surely the most imposing one. It is seen as a very valuable monument. After 10 years of being closed for the public for restoration, the castle was reopened festively in June 2011. Certainly spectacular was the multimedia production by popular filmmakers Peter Greenaway and Saskia Boddeke. They displayed a unique two-year multimedia installation throughout the castle. The couple brought the inhabitants of the castle in midsummer 1680 back to life with video projections.

You look, a guide tells you about it. About the castle after Margaretha Turnor. In the century of the Van Reede family. And about the counts of Athlone. Walking from room to room, you can almost taste how the castle must have felt back in the day. And you’ll see how carefully restored it is. It is not filled with furniture yet, but you’ll already see a lot of gems. From the harpsichord to the Wedgewood china. Old atlases, the Van Mekeren cabinets, paintings and a ceiling piece with Aurora in the Great Hall.

The past greets the present. Be there, be welcome!